Hopkins County Young Professionals

Welcome to Hopkins County Young Professionals

Welcome to Hopkins County Young Professionals

Welcome to Hopkins County Young ProfessionalsWelcome to Hopkins County Young Professionals

2018 Hopkins County General Debate

Monday, October 29, Ballard Convention Center, 5:30 PM


HCYP was honored to host the 2018 Hopkins Co General Debate to allow our local community to be informed before stepping to the polls for the 2018 Election. This event provided a platform for the candidates for the following positions to present their pitch before the election and interact with constituents: Sheriff, Jailer, Judge Executive, Mayor, County Clerk and District Judge. 

HCYP is aware of the circulating stereotypes about the Millennial generation and the debatable interest when it comes down to election time. While that may be the case for some, we are taking steps to actively assure the general public that we are the exception to that rule. Not only do we care about the process of the election cycle, we care about the platforms of each candidate, we care about being informed enough to make an educated vote and we care enough to provide the entire community with free access to gain the same knowledge. 

We care deeply about the direction that our community is headed and we know that local politics directly affects that vision. We believe that we must bring momentum towards the change that we would like to see reflected in each different sector, and we believe that our vote matters, and yours does too. 

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