Hopkins County Young Professionals

Welcome to Hopkins County Young Professionals

Welcome to Hopkins County Young Professionals

Welcome to Hopkins County Young ProfessionalsWelcome to Hopkins County Young Professionals

About Us


What is HCYP?

The Hopkins County Young Professionals, which we like to refer to as HCYP, was started in December of 2016 after several area young professionals recognized a need. Many of our surrounding areas have young professional organizations that help their members become more involved in their communities, and we wanted that, too! In 2018, HCYP became an approved 501c3, nonprofit organization. 


How do you get involved?

HCYP is always accepting new members! Our age range is 21-45 years old and you can join by contacting us at 270-339-5850 or by emailing hopkinsyp@gmail.com. Want to give it a try first? Drop in at one of our lunch meetings at noon on the 2nd Thursday of each month at First United Bank Annex Building located behind First United Bank's main location on North Main Street.


Get in the loop!

Like most Millennials, we are very active on social media. Like us on Facebook to learn more about who we are as an organization, some of the events that we put on, some of the various volunteer projects our members are involved in and about upcoming events where you can join in on all the fun! 

What's in it for you?


HCYP works towards developing its members professionally through an annual professional development seminar held in the fall. Our first seminar, Learning to Lead, was led by leadership expert Phil Van Hooser in Nov of 2017 and there were over 200 area professionals in attendance. Our second seminar, The Chick-Fil-A Experience: A Lesson in Customer Service, was led by Hopkinsville Chick-Fil-A owner Lauire Harris. Within one year, we grew in attendance, expanded to a larger venue and had the coveted Chick-Fil-A cow for one-of-a-kind photo-ops. The events were open to all ages and professional backgrounds, with tickets discounted for HCYP members. 


HCYP educates its members on important issues facing our community in a variety of ways, including: inviting community speakers to our monthly meetings, organizing special events like hosting Congressman James Comer and organizing  political debates for a public forum, and informing members of community events and news through our various modes of communication.


HCYP hosts monthly mixers at local businesses to give members the opportunity to get to know each other in a very low pressure environment. Not only does this give our members the chance to meet new people, it also highlights our local businesses that members may not have visited otherwise!


HCYP works to provide multiple opportunities through various local organizations and businesses to have members volunteer and give back within the community that has helped to shape them in someway. Whether it means pulling your hair back to serve up some lunch at Breaking Bread, putting on your bowling shoes to raise funds at Bowl for Kids Sake or donating formal wear to help with the annual A Chance to Dance Effort, there are always ways to help others and HCYP prides itself on being a group that does just that. 


HCYP’s philanthropic focus for the first couple of years has been  Junior Achievement of Hopkins County. Junior Achievement is a volunteer-delivered program that teaches school-aged children work-readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. HCYP likes to think of JA students as “future young professionals,” and thought that the connection between HCYP and JA was undeniable.  HCYP raised over $10,00 in funding to support this program and continues to volunteer to teach sessions at schools throughout Hopkins County.

In 2020, HCYP has decided to pursue a new cause moving forward in a partnership with the Family Resource Centers in Hopkins County Schools. With drastic budget cuts happening every year, these programs continue to lack the funding students in need rely on to supply essential needs. Most don't understand how significant the need is right here in Hopkins County, but after doing some digging, we have realized exactly how drastic the situation is. We are devoted to this cause and we are making 2020 the year where we are investing not only our money, but our hearts, into helping provide the monetary relief and essential needs for students in Hopkins County who can't help themselves. Hopkins County Young Professionals are determined to be the change, are you?