Executive Committee

Chad Menser


 Chad Menser, Relationship Banker at Farmers Bank and Trust, but most importantly, gentleman and scholar. Chad considers the day a success if it starts with a PopTart or biscuits and gravy. He models his life after the famous quote by Coach Eric Taylor, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." 

Logan McGary


 Logan McGary, Licensed Insurance Agent at Riddle Insurance (before Micah) and avid Nashville Predators's fan. When he isn't busy being a doting uncle, you can probably find him yelling over a TV at ESPN or working out which prank to play next on his dwindling list of friends. 

Summer Crick


 Summer Crick is the Past President of HCYP. From the blonde hair to her firm commitment to the people around her, Summer is the Leslie Knope of Madisonville. She has an outsized love for bourbon, crossfit, and her pug, Rupert, as well as an untempered hate for decaf coffee, pessimists and bad grammar.  

Emily Carver


Emily Carver is the BSA Officer at First United Bank and the modern reincarnation of a blonde Audrey Hepburn with her classic style and unwavering grace. You can often find her at the gym building character right along with those muscles. If she isn't there, she is channeling her inner Cher Horowitz and hitting the mall, because Emily is a lot of things, but Clueless isn't one of them. 

Laura Faulk


Laura Faulk is the Trust Specialist at First United Bank by trade but an online stalker by natural talent. You can always count on her to be brutally honest and throw a hashtag in at an inappropriate time. As walking contradiction, you can find this mom of two sweating at the gym or drowning in a bag of potato chips watching her favorite TV shows. 

Board of Directors

Kelley Chandler


While Kelley may not "officially" be Miss Kentucky, because she's married with two adorable baby boys, she has all the qualities you'd find in a beauty queen. She's smart, compassionate, well-educated — and have you seen that smile? Kelley is a female business owner, wife, mom and ultimately the jack of all trades.

Megan Jones


Megan is our numbers fanatic. She is employed at Alford, Nance, Jones & Oakley, LLP, but that's just her day job. Rachel Ray better watch out, because Megan is on the way to super-stardom when it comes to her cooking. "Megan's Meals" will be on the Food Network soon. You heard it here first. 

Mallory Johnson


Mallory Johnson, Real Estate Agent at Heritage Homes and mother of two, June Ann and Nora, is hard to describe in a few mere sentences. With a personality bigger than Dolly Parton's hair and a country accent that rivals Blake Shelton, Mallory is truly one-of-a-kind.

Skylar Phaup


Skylar Phaup serves as Director of Public Relations and Customer Service for the City of Madisonville. She's convinced she is the sole reason for keeping Wendy's in business since 2009. Her hobbies include late night phone calls to order pizza and Netflix marathons. 

Krista Brasher


 Krista Brasher, Account Executive for Caretenders Home Health, and mom to two adorable littles, Gaige and Olivia. Krista never meets a stranger and is in charge of our Professional Development. She's a total Photoshop wiz and the total Ted Mosby, or beating heart, of our organization, and someone we always count on to keep us moving forward.  

Kayte Dame


Kayte Dame, Procurement Specialist for the City of Madisonville Public Works Department by day and mother of twins by night! Kayte prides herself on being able to flawlessly rap "Juicy" by the Notorious B.I.G. She's got more class than Bon Qui Qui but don't think she wont CUT YOU if you go after her friends...or dis our organization. 

Micah Crowell


Micah Crowell is the wearer of multiple hats: Licensed Insurance Agent at Riddle Insurance, former Marine, Husband, Dog Dad and amateur comedian. You can always count on Micah to lighten the mood and make you cry from laughing so hard. You can find him hunting...if you can actually see him in all that camo. 

Erica Gamblin


Erica Gamblin, boy mom at all hours and Operations Analyst at First United Bank and Trust by day. Erica is our own personal Little Miss Sunshine, you can always count on her to brighten your day and if you are really lucky you might even see some of those famous moves.